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28-01-99 Hydatids Close to Eradication in New Zealand
26-01-99 US Injunction Against New Zealand Timber Lifted (NZ Government Release)
26-01-99 Food Irradiation Helps Prevent Disease And Controls Pests (NZ Government Release)
26-01-99 Food Irradiation Fact Sheet (from MAF & Ministry of Health)
08-01-99 Livestock Need Water


26-02-99 To identify, contain and eradicate
25-02-99 Hot dogs need water, shade... and more water
24-02-99 Heat Stress a Risk for Sheep During Transport Says MAF
22-02-99 Two top MAF appointments made
17-02-99 From Russia With Love...
17-02-99 MAF analyses disease risk from imported chicken
05-02-99 Drought Reduces Farm Gate Returns by estimated $260 Million by end of June
03-02-99 Feral Game Procurement Requirements Tightened


30-03-99 MAF Risk Analysis for Specified Poultry Product Importation Released for Public Consultation
25-03-99 First four months of MAF Enforcement Unit’s role in animal welfare a success.
24-03-99 New Zealand Biosecurity a World Leader
22-03-99 MAF Quarantine Service Finds Gypsy Moth on Used Car
22-03-99 Conditions Right for Ryegrass Staggers, MAF Warns
19-03-99 Shanghai Surprise
19-03-99 MAF Finds Dreaded Asian Tiger Mosquito at Mount Maunganui
18-03-99 Have New Trading Rules for Agriculture Delivered the Goods?
16-03-99 Dry Conditions Increase Risk of Pink Eye in Sheep
15-03-99 Results Indicate Aussie Mozzies Did Not Bring Viruses
12-03-99 Darryl's Excellent Adventure
09-03-99 Tortoise Bagged at Christchurch Airport
05-03-99 Illegal Meat Sales Lead to Convictions
03-03-99 Take Horses Covers Off in Hot Weather
02-03-99 Big overseas demand to purchase MAF trained Quarantine Detector Dogs
01-03-99 Ferry Problems Raise Stock Concerns
01-03-99 Protect Stock From Facial Eczema Says MAF


26-04-99 Twenty months imprisonment for breach of Biosecurity Act
26-04-99 International Community Endorses the Importance of Planted Forests
20-04-99 MAF funds research into pesticides
13-04-99 Forest Health Group Moves to Forest Research
13-04-99 MAF Says Vets Can Ease Oral Facial Eczema Animal Remedy Shortage
12-04-99 Possum Control Workshop
08-04-99 Plan Well Ahead for Winter Stock Feeding, Advises MAF
07-04-99 New Zealand sponsors International Forest Conference


27-05-99 The Full Monty...
26-05-99 Ensure Calves Go To Saleyards in Good Condition
24-05-99 MAF prosecutes for mis-labelling of export dairy produce
21-05-99 Painted Apple Moth Eradication Programme
21-05-99 Forbidden Fruit Proves Costly
19-05-99 Roadside Goats Need Care Too
14-05-99 Survey Yields No New Finds of Painted Apple Moth
12-05-99 Farmers and Foresters to Learn of Opportunities At Greenhouse Gas Seminars
12-05-99 Same Criteria Applied to Painted Apple Moth and Northland Grass Webworm
11-05-99 Hobby Farmers Encouraged to Seek Expert Advice on Animal Husbandry
11-05-99 Luxton Announces Funding For Ag Stats Survey
10-05-99 Painted Apple Moth - What Threat to Orchardists?
10-05-99 MAF forecasts impacts of volcanic eruption on primary sectors
10-05-99 Farmers Warned La Niña Not Over Yet
10-05-99 Painted Apple Moth - Update
08-05-99 Spraying Carried Out on Painted Apple Moth
07-05-99 Great Wellington Python Mystery Solved
06-05-99 Auckland Moth Identified
06-05-99 Moth Found in West Auckland Suburb


24-06-99 Decrease in animals dying during research (NAEAC release)
10-06-99 Dioxin Residues in New Zealand Meat ‘Amongst Lowest in the World’
10-06-99 MAF Alerts Farmers to Consequences of Using Unlicensed Animal Remedies
09-06-99 Action on Belgian foods (Ministry of Health Release)
09-06-99 Horse Tests Positive to Exotic Equine Disease
04-06-99 Luxton Disappointed at Opposition's U-turn on Food Safety (NZ Government Release)


29-07-99 Luxton Lauches Biosecurity Authority NZ Government Release)
28-07-99 Luxton Urges Public Input Into Border Review (NZ Government Release)
27-07-99 Economic forecasts for dairy, lamb, wool and beef a mixed bag, says MAF
23-07-99 Bad Weather Prompts More Inquiries About Animal Welfare
21-07-99 Border Review Team Reports Back Options (NZ Government Release)
21-07-99 Pre-lamb Shearing Can Improve Sheep Welfare
20-07-99 New Legislation for Kiwifruit Board (NZ Government Release)
20-07-99 New Legislation for Apple and Pear Board (NZ Government Release)
16-07-99 Dairy Triumph at Codex for New Zealand
14-07-99 Epoch-making Changes propsed by Dairy Industry (NZ Government Release)
12-07-99 Government Agrees to Kiwifruit Restructring Plan (NZ Government Release)
13-07-99 MAF Advice on Bearings in Ewes
09-07-99 BSE-Free Status Confirmed (NZ Government Release)
02-07-99 Single, Separate Ministry Committed To Food Safety (NZ Government Release)


30-08-99 Animal Remedies Board decision stands
27-08-99 Awards for Positive Images of Rural Women
25-08-99 Painted Apple Moth - Update
18-08-99 Take care when transporting dairy cows, says MAF
09-08-99 Horses Test Clear for Exotic Equine Disease


19-09-99 Company fined $15,000 for forging MAF export certificates


28-10-99 Animal Products Act commences November 1
28-10-99 The Animal Products Act – the way ahead
28-10-99 Animal Products Act 1999 - Implementation Timeline
20-10-99 Animal Remedies Board Adopts ‘Prudent’ Approach to Antibiotic Use in Food Animals
12-10-99 Painted Apple Moth – Progress Reports
12-10-99 Lorsban 50 W and Chlorpyrifos 50 W - Background Information
12-10-99 Decis Forte (Deltamethrin) - Background Information
08-10-99 Government Release: Animal Welfare Act Heralds New Era
05-10-99 Auckland Island Pigs Held in Quarantine
04-10-99 MAF Seeks Public Assistance in Moth Search


29-11-99 Forestry Production takes off in Last Quarter
29-11-99 New guide on care of animals in the classroom launched
19-11-99 Seminar on Prion Brain Diseases (CJD, BSE, Scrapie, etc)
17-11-99 Animal Welfare innovation and ethics to be discussed  (ANZCCART & AWAC Media Release)
17-11-99 Team Work Eradicates Important Pig Disease from New Zealand
17-11-99 Public Asked to Keep Eyes and Ears Open for Banjo Frog
16-11-99 MAF to Set Bait for Termites
16-11-99 Exporters Must Register Under New Animal Products Act
15-11-99 Use of Agricultural Pesticides Declines
04-11-99 Vendor declarations for cattle and deer sent to slaughter required from 1 December 1999
03-11-99 New legal requirements for homekill and recreational catch service providers
01-11-99 Consider Livestock Around Guy Fawkes


26-12-99 Biosecurity Secure
21-12-99 New animal welfare certification required for export
08-12-99 Professor David Mellor - new chairperson of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC Release)
03-12-99 Solid MAF Commitment to Victory at the "Battle of Seattle"
01-12-99 New Animal Ethics Committee chairperson named (NAEAC Release)



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