2003 News

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30-01-03 MAF Quarantine Service officers kept busy at New Zealand's airports
21-01-03 Strategy to keep South Island free of Varroa


26-02-03 MAF reviews measures for clearance of sea containers at New Zealand's ports and border facilities
26-02-03 Gum leaf skeletoniser found at 11 sites
21-02-03 Statistics Confirm the Growth and Importance of Dairy Farming
21-02-03 Agricultural Census Reveals Surge in Wine Grape Plantings
21-02-03 Sheep and Beef Lose Ground to Dairy Cattle
21-02-03 Significant Farming Changes Revealed by Agricultural Census
07-02-03 Eradication Project Targets Moth Reproduction
05-02-03 Cattle returned to Northland farmer
05-02-03 Moth breeder sentenced
03-02-03 Technician Removed from Painted Apple Moth Rearing Project after Reaction to Moth Hairs
03-02-02 Views sought on future control of the Varroa bee mite in the North Island


31-03-03 Negative tests for plum pox
31-03-03 Bumper year for pipfruit growers
26-03-03 New Zealand plays part in crossroads for global forestry
25-03-03 New hairy caterpillar alert in Auckland suburb of Mt Wellington
25-03-03 Australian gum leaf skeletoniser response enters busy week
25-03-03 Crazy Ants found at Mount Maunganui Wharf
18-03-03 Planted forests take centre stage as part of United Nations Forum on Forests
17-03-03 Public asked to comment on measures for reducing biosecurity risks associated with sea containers
17-03-03 Plum pox potyvirus investigation underway
13-03-03 No Aerial Operation Thursday 13 March - Due to Windy Conditions
12-03-03 Forestry Harvest Increases in Past Four Years
12-03-03 Exports of Forestry Products Continue to Rise
12-03-03 OECD Director Encourages Reform of Agricultural Policy
11-03-03 No Aerial Operation on Wednesday 12 March Due to Weather Conditions
10-03-03 No Aerial Operation on Tuesday 11 March due to Weather Conditions
09-03-03 No Aerial Operation Monday 10 March - Forecast for Wet, Windy Conditions


14-04-03 Residents Asked to Look out for Escaped Cane Toad
07-04-03 New Sustainable Farming Fund round underway
01-04-03 New Zealand planted forest resource figures released
01-04-03 MAF on full alert after early warning trapping programme has first-ever catch


30-05-03 Invercargill Farmer Sentenced on Animal Welfare Charges
29-05-03 Leading Vets Make International Wave
28-05-03 Land Use Statistics Confirm the Changing Face of Farms
28-05-03 Final Data from the Agricultural Census Confirms Thriving Milk and Wine Production
27-05-03 Minister Sutton Announces Reduced Aerial Operation Area for the Winter Campaign
27-05-03 Successful Outcome to Northland Animal Welfare Prosecution
27-05-03 Updated forecast for primary production published
23-05-03 Tracing of Canadian Cattle Imports
22-05-03 TTracing of Canadian Cattle Imports
22-05-03 Border Charges to Increase
21-03-03 New Zealand authorities strengthen protection for human and animal health
21-05-03 Varroa Pest Management Strategy outline
09-05-03 18,000 Elms Surveyed in Dutch elm disease Eradication Programme
09-05-03 No further fall webworm finds in Mt Wellington
07-05-03 No Further Gypsy Moth Finds


26-06-03 Animal Welfare Underpinned By Sound Science
19-06-03 Early Detection Key to Invasive Ant Pogramme
11-06-03 Long-Term Management for Gum Leaf Skeletoniser Moth
06-06-03 Livestock, Forestry and Horticultural Trends Region-by-Region


31-07-03 No Targeted Winter Operation Today
25-07-03 Turtle eggs discovered at Auckland Airport
23-07-03 Latest Statistics on the Use of Research Animals Released
23-07-03 A Duty of Care
09-07-03 Update on GM sweet corn investigation
04-07-03 Media Questions and Answers
06-07-03 Update of investigation into suspected GM contaminated corn
04-07-03 Investigation of suspected GM contaminated corn underway
04-07-03 Media Questions and Answers
04-07-03 Timeline
06-07-03 Food Labelling
02-07-03 Submission review on sea containers completed
02-07-03 Government-funded programme winds down


25-08-03 A new era for New Zealand biosecurity
15-08-03 New Zealand BSE free
14-08-03 Entries called for Protect NZ Biosecurity Journalism Award
07-08-03 GM Sweet Corn Investigation Completed
07-08-03 Gisborne Sweet Corn Investigation – Questions and Answers


29-09-03 Council Moves Quickly To Catch Elm Tree Killer1
19-09-03 Major changes to varroa movement controls
05-09-03 Plant Virus Investigation Underway


29-10-03 New Grants from the Sustainable Farming Fund
23-10-03 Wine Bill passed
14-10-03 Provisional Confirmation of Pig Disease
14-10-03 New Zealand’s First Interpol Conference: Wildlife Smuggling
07-10-03 Painted apple moth eradication programme for October 2003 - November 2004
03-10-03 MAF Condemns Activists' Tactics
02-10-03 Pig Disease Investigation Underway
02-10-03 What is Post-Weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (PMWS) - Q & A


28-11-03 Strategy to keep South Island Varroa Free
19-11-03 Eradication of Pig Disease may not be Feasible
17-11-03 Claims of moth escapes from Rotorua quarantine facility untrue
07-11-03 MAF Quarantine Intercepts Major Tree Disease
06-11-03 MAF Announces New Sustainable Farming Fund Round


24-12-03 BSE in the US has no food safety impact in New Zealand or threat to our animal health status
17-12-03 Wool exports decline but local processing increases
17-12-03 Falling sheep numbers offset by higher productivity
17-12-03 New Zealand wine industry well placed for big challenges
17-12-03 New Zealand dollar cuts higher returns for kiwifruit
17-12-03 Dairy production up despite poor weather
17-12-03 Difficult outlook for the forestry export sector
17-12-03 Increased apple production may offset fall in export returns
17-12-03 Agricultural exports grow but on-farm expenditure to decline - SONZAF
17-12-03 Beef production falls as land use changes
02-12-03 Exotic ant found in Dunedin


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