2004 News

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21-01-04 Watch out for drought


23-02-04 Major pest discoveries at the Port of Auckland
20-02-04New Zealand’s 2003 Official Agricultural Production Statistics Announced
16-02-04 Red imported fire ants found during exotic ant surveillance
11-02-04 New pine pitch canker measures announced
04-02-04 MAF waits for pest management strategy from pork board
04-02-04 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Exotic Ant Surveillance


30-03-04 MAF suspends US GM testing laboratory accreditation
26-03-04 Median Wasp found in Raglan
26-03-04 New North Island Indigenous Forestry team established
19-03-04 Crazy ants found at Port of Wellington
12-03-04 Report on alleged GMO contamination at Forest Research facility finds no evidence of Biosecurity risk


14-04-04 Devastating moth pest detained at border


31-05-04 Irrigation likely to have big impact on future New Zealand economy
28-05-04 MAF investigation into GM maize nears completion
28-05-04 GM maize – Questions and Answers
28-05-04 New standards for live cattle exports
25-05-04 New Zealand helps combat international animal disease outbreaks
19-05-04 Climate change policy rewards permanent reforestation (Government press release)
19-05-04 The future forests programme - An initiative to support reforestation carbon sinks - Questions and Answers
14-05-04 Painted Apple Moth spray programme ends (Government press release)
12-05-04 No plans for further gypsy moth aerial operations
12-05-04 No plans for aerial operations to eradicate fall webworm in Mount Wellington
12-05-04 GM maize – Questions and Answers
12-05-04 Low level of GM detected in maize seed
05-05-04 A toad with a bit of sole


22-06-04 Varroa investigation continues
11-06-04 No further finds of varroa in South Island
08-06-04 South Island Varroa Update
08-06-04 Strong growth expected in agricultural exports
04-06-04 Suspect varroa in South Island
04-06-04 MAF supervising harvesting and processing of GM maize
03-06-04 Annual report released


27-07-02 Canterbury Varroa Movement Controls Lifted
22-07-04 Olympic torch made from sustainably-produced native timbers
20-07-04 Varroa movement controls to change
15-07-04 Animal research statistics released
13-07-04 Monitoring report finds sheep & beef farmer optimism high
13-07-04 Tough times for arable farmers, but outlook bright
13-07-04 Report details tough times for country’s deer farmers
13-07-04 Period of rationalisation for country’s horticulture industries
13-07-04 Monitoring report looks at wine grapes for first time
13-07-04 Farmers quietly optimistic about dairying future


24-08-04 Water bird survey starts at Thames
11-08-04 South Island varroa response completed
05-08-04 Written submissions on report published
03-08-04 MAF selects new IT services provider


29-09-04 Fraser High School compensation claim assessed
09-09-04 Entries for Journalism Awards to close soon
06-09-04 Definition of “adult cattle” changes


29-10-04 Electronic Lodgement of MAF Quarantine Declarations


25-11-04 Further call for flood relief applications
18-11-04 Summit ponders progress on biosecurity strategy
01-11-04 MAF launches Biosecurity New Zealand


21-12-04 The forecast is good for the country’s primary producers
21-12-04 Poor returns to growers depress apple industry
21-12-04 Beef and veal production up and prices high – in the short term
21-12-04 Growth in milk production and exports predicted by MAF forecaster
21-12-04 Mixed times ahead for country’s forest industries
21-12-04 Sheep meat production and prices tipped to rise
21-12-04 Record 2004 vintage but hard marketing lies ahead
15-12-04 Honey Imports Under Review


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