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19-01-07 Urgent product recall - more bottles found to contain toxic seeds
18-01-07 Didymo detected in two upper South Island rivers
11-01-07 Urgent product recall - "Message in a bottle" containing toxic seeds


23-02-07 Options signalled to manage deforestation
22-02-07 Red Imported Fire Ants located on yacht
14-02-07 Voluntary suspension of germplasm destined for the EU
14-02-07 Opportunities, Threats and Sustainability: The future for the primary sector as seen by MAF Director-General
07-02-10 Didymo in Queenstown Bay
01-02-07 MAF releases imported corn seed report



15-03-07 Deformed wing bee virus identified in Waikato and Northland
08-03-07 Varroa Update 18
06-03-07 Mosquito identification confirmed as Asian Tiger Mosquito
01-03-07 Cats a commitment for life (Government media release) 1 March 2007


04-04-07 Cook Island imports under extra scrutiny after insect pest detected


31-05-07 Taiwanese lift suspension on New Zealand apples
31-05-07 Simulation to test plans for North Island didymo detection
28-05-07 NZ Food Safety Authority to stand alone (NZ Government Release)
25-05-07 MAF releases annual snapshot of plantation forests
24-05-07 No further evidence of Asian Tiger Mosquito found
05-05-07 Farm worker’s neglect kills horses
22-05-07 Irate herd manager assaults heifers with quad bike
18-05-07 New code sets out principles of care for deer
04-05-07 Budget strengthens rural communities in crises (NZ Government Release)


12-06-07 Offending serious risk to New Zealand's biosecurity
12-06-07 New collaborating centre to focus on animal welfare
06-06-07 Whangaparoa free from exotic Southern Saltmarsh Mosquito
01-06-07 OIE recognises New Zealand BSE risk as negligible


24-07-07 'Check, clean, dry' still best way to control didymo
19-07-07 MAF Biosecurity New Zealand acts on GM aquarium fish in New Zealand
18-07-07 Farmer used hedge loppers to remove bull horns
11-07-07 NAWAC Annual Report Released


27-08-07 High risk horses identified
26-08-07 MAF Biosecurity moves quickly to trace horse imports
25-08-07 Australian horse imports stopped until further notice
05-08-07 Primary Industries 2020 goes live (NZ Government press release)
04-08-07 New Zealand remains vigilant following UK Foot and Mouth case
03-08-07 Positive forecast for New Zealand agriculture and forestry


27-09-07 Horticulture and cropping farmers optimistic despite tough times
25-09-07 Anglers reminded to ‘check, clean, dry’
17-09-07 Draft code of welfare for dogs released for comment
11-09-07 2006 National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) Annual Report Released
06-09-17 Interim emergency import measures for horses entering New Zealand
04-09-17 Equine influenza test results negative


31-10-07 MAF Biosecurity New Zealand seeks views on ballast water controls
31-10-07 Dead didymo cells found in Central Plateau river samples
24-10-07 New Zealand to host World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Conference
15-10-07 Fine for illegal harvesting of native timber


29-11-07 MAF maps future challenges for primary sectors
29-11-07 Caution needed - paua disease on our doorstep
14-11-07 Director General Responds to Hunn Report and Findings of the State Services Commissioner
13-11-07 MAF approves $4.6 million for new erosion-control programmes
09-11-07 Parrot eggs seized at airport


14-12-07 Sustainable Farming Fund targets climate change
07-12-07 Challenging Year for Pastoral Sectors
03-12-07 Fresh Southern Salt Marsh Mosquito Find in Marlborough



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