2009 News

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16-01-09 On the look out for marine pests in Tauranga Harbour


10-02-09 MAFBNZ takes action regarding GM brassica trial
05-02-09 Couple charged for ill treatment of eight dogs


30-04-09 Duck shooters asked to keep mozzie watch
24-04-09 MAF Biosecurity New Zealand declares Red Imported Fire Ants eradicated from Whirinaki
16-04-09 MAF grants $2M for new Kyoto forests; calls for applications
07-04-09 Provisional import health standards for pig meat and pig meat products released
06-04-09 Feeding pigs untreated food waste results in conviction
02-04-09 Fanworm treatment begins in Lyttelton


29-05-09 MAF Biosecurity New Zealand and Department of Labour Statement – Zion Wildlife Gardens
29-05-09 Expanded international collaborating centre focusing on animal welfare
28-05-09 Primary Growth Partnership - boost for primary sector innovation
19-05-09 Investigation of pig farm
06-05-09 Farmer charged with wilful ill-treatment of deer
05-05-09 Challenging Times Ahead for Critical Sector
04-05-09 Research to support review of layer hen welfare code
01-05-09 Pest mosquito eliminated from Coromandel


19-06-09 Government agencies approve reopening of Zion Wildlife Gardens
11-06-09 Stock driver's angry outburst ends in Court.
05-06-09 Increased opportunities for Southern North Island forest industry


30-07-09 2008 National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) Annual Report Released
27-07-09 Spider man caught and fined
24-07-09 Timber is tops for environmentally friendly buildings
23-07-09 NAWAC Annual Report Released
16-07-09 Illegal chicken egg importer fined
14-07-09 Lead science provider appointed for Overseer
09-07-09 South Taranaki erosion scheme gets MAF grant
07-07-09 MAF reviews border operations
06-07-09 MAF considers bee imports report
02-07-09 Eradication of southern saltmarsh mosquito a significant step closer
02-07-09 New deadlines for Sustainable Farming Fund assessment process
02-07-09 $9 million for successful Sustainable Farming Fund grant recipients
02-07-09 MAF Investigation of Piggery Concludes


24-08-09 Deer farms buck recession
21-08-09 Parasites and bacteria responsible for mass cockle deaths at Whangateau Estuary
07-08-09 MAF grants independent review of provisional Import Health Standard for pork
06-08-09 SILNA discussion document released by MAF
05-08-09 MAF assists with North Shore beach dog death investigations
05-08-09 Significant Boost for Nitrification Inhibitor Research Announced


22-09-09 Company and director fined $12,000 for illegal native timber milling
15-09-09 MAF acts on honey report
09-09-09 MAF review of border operations retains regional staff
04-09-09 Farmer charged with ill-treatment of sheep and cattle


28-10-09 Atypical scrapie/Nor 98 detection in single sheep from the national flock
22-10-09 Variable returns for sheep and beef farmers set to continue
22-10-09 MAF grants $4 million for new forests
16-10-09 Feedback sought on draft code of welfare for animal transport in New Zealand
12-10-09 Application Round One of Primary Growth Partnership Closes
09-10-09 MAF inspections of Crafar farms complete


30-11-09 MAFBNZ investigating possible GM breach of containment
26-11-09 MAF approves $3.4 million for new East Coast erosion control
20-11-09 Institute wins award for research that improves welfare of sheep used in animal testing
12-11-09 MAF pleased by appointment of NZ Biochar Centre co-director
04-11-09 Primary Growth Partnership moves into business planning stage


23-12-09 Outcome of Round Two applications to the Primary Growth Partnership
21-12-09 Deadline for notifying deforestation coming up
17-12-09 Provisional Release of New Zealand’s National Exotic Forest Description for 2009
16-12-09 NAWAC Review of the Pigs Code of Welfare
15-12-09 Review of GM plant containment breach nears completion
15-12-09 Increased opportunities for Northland forest industry
14-12-09 Proposed changes to cargo clearance fees will not increase overall cost to industry
04-12-09 Glueboard traps to be prohibited
04-12-09 Pastoral Sector Overview released
03-12-09 Increased opportunities for Central North Island forest industry
02-12-09 Application Round Two of Primary Growth Partnership Closes


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