2011 News

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20-12-11 Tree planting upturn
16-12-11 MAF to commission review of kiwifruit pollen import rules
14-12-11 Primary sector still on target for record income
14-12-11 Psa impact severe
14-12-11 Favourable spring kicks off new pastoral season
14-12-11 Seafood growing steadily
13-12-11 Improving fresh water quality is the common goal


25-11-11 Spreading the word, not the disease
18-11-11 MAF recalls strawberry seed kits due to biosecurity risk
07-11-11 MAF prosecutes for cancer eye cow


26-10-11 Advice for dairy farmers on Maui gas leak
17-10-11 Second find of bacterial fish disease
17-10-11 Bay of Plenty man prosecuted for importing fish eggs
13-10-11 Merged MAF focuses on Growing and Protecting NZ
10-10-11 Waikanae termite fumigation completed successfully
07-10-11 Disease affecting Southland kanakana/lamprey
06-10-11 Japan reconstruction draws wood panels from New Zealand


30-09-11 Action needed to protect kauri forests
28-09-11 China and New Zealand sign apples market access agreement
27-09-11 MAF moves to destroy termites from Waikanae property
26-09-11 2010 National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) Annual Report Released
21-09-11 PGP invests in nutrient research and development
19-09-11 New Zealand opens $25M international GHG research fund
14-09-11 Proposals invited for irrigation fund
14-09-11 Forum to progress next stage in water reforms
12-09-11 New tool for foot and mouth preparedness
07-09-11 Snakes don't belong in New Zealand
06-09-11 Submissions Invited on Foreign Charter Fishing Vessels


30-08-11 Final MAF and iwi push to clear sea squirt from Northland waters
24-08-11 MAF/MFish merger to realise savings; front line functions remain secure
22-08-11 Pastoral profitability lift strengthens bank balances
19-08-11 Stock shelter vital says MAF and Federated Farmers
10-08-11 Fine for record over-harvest of indigenous timber
09-08-11 Termites eradicated
05-08-11 Fruit and wine growers under pressure
05-08-11 Arable farming shows positive signs


27-07-11 Biosecurity surveillance mapped
26-07-11 Porthole offers view of marine pests in our waters
22-07-11 Community help needed to find and weed out pest plant
20-07-11 No gypsy moths or fruit flies found in surveillance traps
18-07-11 Government-level agreements pave way for imports from China
15-07-11 Foodborne disease infection rates tracking down
13-07-11 Biosecurity interceptions at the border
12-07-11 Strong demand for logs raises income
08-07-11 Working together in Fiordland to oust Undaria
06-07-11 Check, Clean and Dry slows pest
04-07-11 MAF marks Biosecurity Month of July


14-06-11 Primary sectors well positioned to take advantage of strong international demand
03-06-11 Movement restrictions placed on kiwifruit nursery stock


31-05-11 MAF investigation clears Kiaora NZ of food safety concerns
31-05-11 Statement from Geoff Allen, MAF Compliance and Enforcement director on Heitiki infant formula
26-05-11 1 November Mandatory Cattle Tagging Deferred
25-05-11 Rural landowners get free chance to learn about carbon forestry
25-05-11 MAF to defend Import Health Standards for pork imports
10-05-11 Government announces fresh water policy and funding
10-05-11 Investment of $1.7m in Manuka honey research and development
04-05-11 Successful Sustainable Farming Fund grants announced
04-05-11 Feedback sought on draft regulations to implement the National Animal Identification and Tracing Act


20-04-11 Disqualification from owning dogs on welfare grounds
15-04-11 Final release of New Zealand’s 2010 National Exotic Forest Description
15-04-11 More accurate science improves agriculture’s greenhouse gas profile


25-03-11 MAF monitoring Japanese food imports
23-03-11 Forestry Field Measurement Approach approved for mid-year launch
18-03-11 MAF and iwi to check effectiveness of sea squirt removal
17-03-11 Farmers making changes to target water quality
02-03-11 Unprecedented response for the 2011 Vet Bonding Scheme


28-02-11 NAIT and AHB work together to support farmers
21-02-11 MAF issues 10 millionth forestry carbon credit
11-02-11 Cadmium in soils to be actively managed
07-02-11 Trading Among Farmers prompts consultation on dairy legislation


01-02-11 PGP kick starts the year with $53 million


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