No Aerial Operation Thursday 13 March - Due to Windy Conditions

Thursday, 13 March 2003

There will be no aerial operation to wipe out the painted apple moth today (Thursday 13 March) due to windy conditions.

Unfavourable weather throughout the week has prevented the operation from getting underway. "While the wet conditions from earlier in the week have cleared, the wind remains a problem", says Robert Isbister, General Manager for the Painted Apple Moth Programme. "If the wind gets too high, we can't guarantee that the spray will reach its target areas".

Last week, MAF announced an initial reduction to the painted apple moth eradication zone, following positive results from monitoring traps over a number of weeks. The operation, that will cover this reduced general eradication zone, will be carried out on the first day that weather permits. It may take more than one day to complete.

Additional reductions to the eradication zone are anticipated in the future, as consistent results from monitoring traps indicate that the risk of infestation in specific areas has been eliminated.

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