"Our Land, Our Future" Launched

15 August 1996

Today, Agriculture Minister Hon. Dr Lockwood Smith launched "Our Land, Our Future", the third in a series of educational resources from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The need to care for the land and ensure agriculture is sustainable is the theme of all the resources. Dr Smith described "Our Land, Our Future" as a "wealth of information", referring especially to the marketing section looks at sales and promotion and product development of agricultural products and the several high-quality videos showing aspects of marketing.

"Our Land, Our Future" is designed for senior secondary school students studying biology, economics, history, agriculture and horticulture. The resource is made up of:

  • information and activity booklets;
  • a New Zealand Time line of land use in NZ;
  • three video tapes;
  • an interactive computer program;
  • a computer disk of current data;
  • a Contacts Guide; and
  • a Teacher’s Guide.

Other elements of the resource highlighted by the Minister included:

  • The Ecosystems section, where elements of agricultural ecosystems are studied along with impacts such as those on soil and water. A series of activities examine how sustainable agriculture can be achieved through new technology and good management practices.
  • The Sustainable Agriculture section, which looks at what sustainable agriculture is about -- in its economic, social and environmental aspects. It examines what is needed for sustainable agriculture, and who is responsible.
  • The People and the Land section and associated historic time lines, providing a series of useful investigations and activities to help understand today’s land issues and the characteristics of modern rural communities.
  • The computer program Stockpol for Schools, which simulates some realities of day to day decision making on a pastoral farm.
  • The Ecosystems and Sustainable Agriculture sections, looking at the environmental impacts of agriculture.

Every school teaching biology or agriculture and horticulture at sixth and seventh form level has received a free copy of "Our Land, Our Future". Further copies are available from the Ministry of Agriculture.


The two previous educational resources in this series are:

Living with the Land, designed for use by form one and two students in science and social studies. It introduces the concept of caring for the land and examines the factors a farmer must consider when deciding what crop to grow or animal to farm.

Students investigate a specific agricultural product to understand product development, processing and the application of technology.

Changing People in a Changing Land is designed for use by form three and four students in social studies. It also provides useful case studies for Form 5 Geography and Technology, and Form 6 Agriculture and Horticulture.

It introduces the concept of sustainable agriculture and investigates six major types of farming in New Zealand, explaining how each farming system works.

The activities are complemented by a specially developed board game called "Crossroads", where players compete to become guardians of the land.



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