PGP invests in nutrient research and development

21 September 2011

The Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) has awarded funding to a new programme of innovation seeking to transform traditional fertiliser use and provide more affordable solutions to farmers.

The successful business plan outlines a programme of research and innovation totalling $19.5 million over seven years, with half the funding coming from industry.

One of New Zealand’s leading nutrient management companies, Ballance Agri-Nutrients, is leading the programme which will focus on the development of products and services that improve the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphate use, as well as reduce nitrate run-off on dairy farms.

There is a strong focus within the programme on enabling farmers to adopt new products and services to improve on farm nutrient management and potentially reduce farms’ environmental footprint significantly.

A range of biological products will also be developed that improve nutrient and pest management. If fully realised, it is estimated that the programme could see an overall benefit to New Zealand pastoral farming estimated at over $340 million by 2025.

This latest funding takes the total PGP investment awarded to nine programmes of research and innovation since 2009 to $227 million. Including industry contributions, the total is $493 million.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Director General Wayne McNee says this funding illustrates the huge potential that exists within New Zealand’s primary sector as well as how strong the links are between various PGP programmes.

“PGP is all about investing in visionary business plans that can potentially transform our primary sectors”

“This programme focuses on bettering the productivity of New Zealand farmers and reducing environmental footprints. The significant impact of reducing run-off of nutrients into waterways will enhance the sustainability of our farming systems and our reputation.”

“Information sharing, particularly around nutrient management, between this programme and other PGP initiatives will greatly enhance the benefits of each programme.

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Last Updated: 21 September 2011

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