Possible for NZ pets to enter the UK without quarantine period

29 January 2001

New Zealand cats and dogs meeting certain conditions will be allowed to enter the United Kingdom without undertaking a six-month quarantine period once there.

The scheme will eliminate the need for a lengthy and costly quarantine period for the pet, which was previously required.

The Pets Travel Scheme will start on 31 January 2001 when the scheme is extended to run in a total of 28 rabies-free countries, which includes New Zealand. The New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been working for some years to remove the need for a quarantine period in recognition of New Zealand's rabies-free status.

The requirements under the scheme include the pet being fitted with a microchip, being vaccinated against rabies, a blood test to ensure protection against rabies and having treatment against ticks and certain types of tapeworms.

People wanting to take their pets to the UK need to begin seven months before leaving as there must be six months between the blood test and the export date.

Further specifics on the scheme and its requirements can be obtained from the MAF website.

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