Possum Control Workshop

12 April 1999

New Zealand's number one pest, the possum, will be the subject of a three-day workshop starting tomorrow 13 April.

The workshop will bring together some of the leading scientists in their field from around the country as well as overseas.

It is being held at Wallaceville's AgResearch centre and will be opened by the Minister for Food, Fibre, Biosecurity and Border Control, John Luxton.

MAF director of biosecurity policy Peter Kettle says a whole range of methods for possum control are being explored at the workshop.

He says it is unlikely that, even in the long run, there will ever be any single breakthrough in the battle against possums.

In the long term possum control will be dependent on a whole range of solutions. This workshop will bring those involved in this area up to date with the methods under consideration, he said.

Sessions at the workshop include pathogens and parasites, possum physiology and methods for delivering toxins to possums.

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Peter Kettle, tel: 04-470-2734



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