Public view Sought on Co-existence of GM and non-GM Production

1 November 2002The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) is seeking views on how GM, conventional and organic agriculture, horticulture and forestry could co-exist harmoniously.

As part of its response to the Royal Commission, the Government has charged MAF with investigating and reporting back to it on the practicalities of a number of tasks related to establishing and maintaining co-existence between GM and non-GM production.

MAF senior scientist Graeme King says the Ministry is keen to hear practical ideas on how an industry code of practice could be developed to ensure effective separation distances between GM and unmodified crops.

"For example, this could be based on the current certified seed production code and perhaps a register of plantings would need to be maintained, but there could be many other ideas," Dr King says.

"There are also compliance issues to be considered with an industry code of practice for separation distances. For instance, who will ensure compliance and who will pay for the system?"

As part of this submission process, MAF is also seeking views on establishing nation-wide networks of people for facilitating co-existence and requirements for a possible mediation service.


The closing date for submissions is 15 November 2002 and should be sent to:

Graeme King, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, PO Box 2526, WELLINGTON.
Fax 04-474-4163, Email:

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