RCD Reviewers' Reports receive 102 Responses

18 April 1997

102 written comments were received this week by the Ministry of Agriculture on the independent reviewers' reports in the final stage of public consultation on the application to import Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD) into New Zealand. 

The independent reviewers' reports evaluated the public submissions on the application to import RCD. The reviewers' reports were posted to all those who had made one of the nearly 800 submissions during the two month period of public comment.

Submitters had until Monday, April 14 to advise the Ministry of Agriculture's Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) Dr Barry O'Neil in writing whether or not the issues they were concerned about in their public submission had been adequately taken into account in the reviewers' reports.

The reviewers' reports were also sent to the RCD Applicant Group who were invited to prepare a response at the same time as those who made submissions.

What happens next?

The report and recommendation of the CVO will be prepared. If the CVO feels that the reviewers' reports have not adequately addressed issues raised by either the Applicant Group or submitters, he may decide to:

  • contact the submitter(s) concerned for clarification of their points; or
  • seek further advice from the reviewers on whether or not they believe the issue has been adequately covered, or if there is any further information they believe could help clarify this issue for the CVO

MAF is expecting to announce its decision on the application to import RCD into New Zealand in July.



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