Two new varroa sites "predictable"

24 May 2000

Two new varroa-infected places have been identified within the established heavy clusters of infection. MAF spokesman John Hayes reports the new sites are owned by hobbyist beekeepers in the Remuera and Point England areas of Auckland, and are to be expected as part of the predictable course of this epidemic.

The number of infected places has risen to 275, owned by 128 beekeepers. The number of traces now stands at 2,318 after a further attempt to complete the South Island survey. 33 of 86 outstanding South Island beekeepers, who could not be contacted during the main survey, have now been located. Two of those had shipments from the North Island, but not from areas that cause concern.

There are 35 teams out in the field today. The number of apiaries visited is now 2,274, containing 43,747 hives. Eight movement-permit requests were received yesterday on 0800 109 383, with 12 issued - depleting the "pending pile" - and one declined. The free phone enquiry line (0800 809 966) has now received 1,839 calls.

Four new beekeepers have registered, with six sites and 22 hives.

Information on the varroa mite is available on the MAF website.


John Hayes, Communications Adviser, MAF. 04-4744-268/04-904-1827.
Lin McKenzie, National Beekeepers Association Executive Member. 025-357-970.

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