Uninspected Meat should not be bought by Fundraisers

1 April 1997

School Boards of Trustees and Fundraisers are often offered cheap home killed meat by farmers for end of year barbecues and fundraisers. This, however, is illegal under the Meat Act.

All meat offered for any form of sale, which includes raffles and barter, must have been inspected.

Meat inspection confirms whether meat is fit for human consumption. It is not in the consumers interest to buy and eat uninspected meat. In the case of harm coming to the consumer as a result of food poisoning, the question of legal liability may arise.

All meat sold for human consumption must have been killed in an abattoir or meat export slaughterhouse and inspected by an official meat inspector (with the exemption of two remaining South Island rural slaughterhouses).

It is legal for a farmer to kill an animal for meat for his and his family's use, and/or, in the only exception, sell meat to employees on his property.

While the offer of cheap home killed meat for a fundraiser is an attractive one, under the Meat Act it is illegal and may also incur other legal liabilities.



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