Vegetation Control Zone Declared

8 March 2005

As a result of recent fall webworm moth finds in Mount Wellington Auckland, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has extended vegetation movement controls under Section 131 (2) of the Biosecurity Act 1993, Biosecurity New Zealand manager of eradication programmes Ian Gear said today.

A surveillance trapping programme for fall webworm in Mount Wellington was established in 2003 following the detection of a nest of fall webworm larvae. No moths were trapped until February this year when two further male fall webworms were found.

"The recent trapping of two fall webworm moths show the success of our continued surveillance for this pest."

Vegetation movement control is considered to be an effective tool to limit the spread of this pest.

The controls mean the movement of vegetation such as garden waste outside the zone is prohibited unless a permit is obtained from Agriquality in Mount Wellington.

"It is an offence under the Biosecurity Act of 1993 for anyone to knowingly cause the spread of the fall webworm. Unless a permit is issued, it is also an offence to move vegetation from the controlled area or to dispose of vegetation anywhere except the refuse transfer facility at Pikes Point.

"We are confident that the residents of Mount Wellington and surrounding suburbs realise the impact that this pest could have and that they will comply with the vegetation movement controls. We also ask everybody to take a good look in their gardens for any sign of the pest which spins unique web structures in trees and shrubs," Mr Gear said.

A public notice advising of the details of the extent of the areas included in the Vegetation Control Zone will be placed in the New Zealand Herald on March 9 2005.

If anyone has any further queries relating to vegetation movement control they can ring the information line on 0800 96 96 96.

For further information contact Tina Nixon, Communications Adviser on 0272232789



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