Vegetation Control Zone Declared

9 December 2002

The Ministry of Agriculture has established vegetation movement controls relating to the painted apple moth zone under Section 131 (2) of the Biosecurity Act 1993, the director of the painted apple moth project Ian Gear said today.

The controls mean the movement of vegetation such as nursery crops, Christmas trees and vegetative waste outside the zone is prohibited unless a permit is obtained from the Painted Apple Moth operational headquarters.

It is an offence under the Biosecurity Act of 1993 for anyone to knowingly cause the spread of the painted apple moth. Unless a permit is issued, it is also an offence to move nursery crops or Christmas tree crops from the controlled area or to dispose of vegetation anywhere except the refuse transfer facility at Living Earth at 2 Rosebank Rd Avondale or the Waitakere City Council refuse transfer station at 50 The Concourse Henderson.

"We are confident that people now understand that the sooner we wipe out the painted apple moth the better and will fully support this latest move. We also ask everybody to take a good look at their trailers, boats, cars or any other property they intend to move from the controlled area, for any signs of the painted apple moth.

"We also advise people that any attempt to cover gardens during aerial spraying is also an offence under the Biosecurity Act 1993. We will take action against those who are found to have deliberately covered up any vegetation," Mr Gear said.

A public notice advising of the details of the extent of the areas included in the Vegetation Control Zone was placed in the New Zealand Herald on Saturday 7 December.

If anyone has any further queries relating to vegetation movement they can ring the painted apple moth information line on 0800 969696.

For further information please contact:

Ian Gear, Painted Apple Moth Project Director

Contact MPI

for general enquiries phone

0800 00 83 33