Winter Control Programme for Mediterranean Fruit Fly Begins

18 June 1996

The Ministry of Agriculture's eradication programme for Mediterranean fruit fly in Auckland has moved into winter mode.

Since the discovery of the first fruit fly in the suburb of Mt Roskill on 2 May, MAF's eradication programme has focused on an A-zone of 200 metres radius around the finds, a B-zone of 1.5 kilometres, and now, and a C-zone of 15 kilometres. Formerly, the C-zone involved an area of 80 kilometres radius around the finds, but this has been reduced, largely as a result Australia's decision to reduce the area from which it will not take fruit to 15 kilometres.

For the past six weeks, frequent inspection of the additional traps placed in both the A and B zones has been part of the programme. Also, spot spraying of protein bait mixed with maldison insecticide has been undertaken in both the A and B zones at weekly intervals. The winter programme that has just started, involves baiting at four weekly intervals and inspection of the traps at two weekly intervals. This is due to the fact the fruit fly prefer temperate climates and will be much less active during the winter months.

Residents in the A, B and C-zones are requested not to move home grown fruit outside the boundary of the C-zone. The edge of the C-zone can be identified by the "Fruit Fly Outbreak" signs on the main roads. If home grown fruit is not consumed directly or preserved (frozen, pureed, made into jam), it should be disposed of, either through the normal commercial refuse collection or in amnesty bins.

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