World Renowned Agricultural Scientist Visits

15 September 1997

World renowned agricultural scientist Professor Sir Colin Spedding will be in New Zealand this week to speak at a joint Australian and New Zealand conference on ethical approaches to animal-based science.

The Australia and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART) and the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) are hosting a two days conference (September 19-20) in Auckland. Topics covered will be of interest to anyone concerned about animal welfare and animal ethics.

Sir Colin is a knowledgeable and high-profile figure in agricultural marketing and research in the United Kingdom and Europe. He is consultant director to the Centre for Agricultural Strategy, and chairs numerous bodies including the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), the Board of the UK Register of Organic Food Standards, the Apple and Pear Research Council and the Council of Science and Technology Institutes.

He has written numerous books on agriculture and ecology and penned more than 200 published papers. His recently published book, Agriculture and the Citizen, addresses the impact of agriculture on animal welfare, food safety and the environment, with the aim of helping people arrive at an informed decision on major issues of public interest, such as agriculture and human health, the role of animals, and feeding the world. Sir Colin's books have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Spanish, Polish and Hungarian, and his work takes him throughout the world.

Federated Farmers representatives from throughout New Zealand will be attending a seminar Sir Colin is giving in Wellington the week following the ANZCCART/NAEAC conference.

There is an opportunity for the media to attend the conference and seminar and talk to Sir Colin in both Auckland and Wellington.

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