Written submissions on report published

Press Release: New Zealand Government
Hon Jim Sutton

5 August 2004

Rural Affairs Minister Jim Sutton today released the analysis of written submissions from the public on the report by the Ministerial Reference Group on walking access to land.

Mr Sutton said there had been more than 1000 written submissions received last year on the report, which was an indication of people's interest in the issue.

"I believe the interest shown in the reference group's work is unprecedented. There have been packed public meetings, and a huge number of submissions and letters to me on the issues raised both at the public meetings, and in the group's report."

The reference group, chaired by South Canterbury businessman John Acland, reported to Mr Sutton last August, and written submissions were taken till last Christmas. Officials have analysed the submissions and reported to the minister.

Mr Sutton said the Government has yet to decide how it will respond to the recommendations of the Acland report.

"This is a complex issue, and there are many matters to work out. The Government is committed to dealing with this issue properly."

The analysis report will be on the MAF website, at http://www.maf.govt.nz/mafnet/rural-nz/people-and-their-issues/access/index.htm .




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