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Welfare Pulse is MPI's animal welfare publication. It is produced electronically four times a year and is of relevance to those with a special interest in animal welfare developments in New Zealand and overseas. current 19 September 2014
This edition has information on: Changes to the East Coast erosion grant scheme, What to do when registered post-1989 forest ownership changes, The 2015 change to units used to pay ETS obligations, The new online “Participant Unit Balance” feature current 04 September 2014
In 2014, four orange roughy stocks were assessed using NIWA’s package CASAL. For the ORH 7A base model, the median and 95% credibility interval (CI) for stock status were 42% B0 and 35–49% B0. For the NWCR the estimate was 37% B0 with a 95% CI of 30–46% B0. The ESCR is the largest stock and stock status was estimated to be 30% B0 with a 95% CI of 25–34% B0. The MEC stock was assessed as very likely to be below the soft limit of 20% B0 with an estimate of 14% B0 and a 95% CI of 9–21% B0. current 03 September 2014
This report updates the information on annual patterns of settlement for the red rock lobster (Jasus edwardsii) on crevice collectors at key sites in CRA 3 (Gisborne), CRA 4 (Napier and Castlepoint), CRA 5 (Kaikoura), CRA 7 (Moeraki), and CRA 8 (Halfmoon Bay, Chalky Inlet, and Jackson Bay). An annual raw and standardised index is produced from the groups of collectors at each site. The relationship between aspects of settlement and the lunar cycle are examined. current 03 September 2014
This report describes a management strategy evaluation for Coromandel scallop. Two approaches for managing the fishery were investigated; one with a low base TACC which can be increased in-season based on the results of a resource survey, and the other with higher base TACCs and closure of individual scallop beds when CPUE drops below specified thresholds. current 03 September 2014
A survey of Foveaux Strait oysters in February 2013 sampled commercial fishery areas for oyster population size and bonamia. The recruit-sized oyster population increased from 585.3 million in 2012 to 644.9 million in 2013. The density of pre-recruit and small oysters decreased. Mortality from bonamia was about 107 million oysters (13.9% of the recruit-sized oyster population), higher than for recent surveys. Increasing bonamia mortality will slow the rebuilding of the fishery. current 03 September 2014
A fact sheet explaining what potato wart is, how to avoid spreading it and who to call if symptoms are seen. current 03 September 2014
Welcome to the first newsletter of the Plant Imports and Exports (PIE) group. The intention is to provide a monthly update of the group’s activities to keep our stakeholders better informed about key work and initiatives in the pipeline. current 03 September 2014
Catch statistics and length and age structure data of hoki from commercial sampling during the 2012–13 fishing year are summarised. Length frequency and catch-at-age data from spawning and non-spawning fisheries are compared with those from previous years. Biomass indices from research surveys and results from other research on hoki in the last year are also briefly described. current 01 September 2014
This fact sheet outlines changes in the Food Act 2014 and what this will mean for horticulture growers and processors. It is part of a series providing information on the new Food Act and what it will mean for businesses. current 26 August 2014
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