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As part of the infant formula market assurance programme, announced by the Minister for Food Safety in June 2013, MPI proposes to make specifications for the manufacture of dairy based formulae for infants and young children under the Animal Products Act 1999. The draft specifications are attached to this paper at Appendix 1. Submissions are sought from interested parties, and in particular manufacturers, on the consultation paper and draft specifications. Submissions close on 12 September 2014. current 31 July 2014
These guidelines are intended for applicants that would like to receive a grant to assist in the treatment of erosion on the East Coast through the Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP). current 31 July 2014
A review and summary of the time series of input data available for the assessment of southern blue whiting (Micromesistius australis) stocks in 2013. current 30 July 2014
This report reviews stock monitoring options for kingfish. The commercial kingfish fisheries, because of their limited by-catch nature, offer poor stock monitoring potential. Sampling kingfish caught by recreational charter boat fisheries proved to be the best option for monitoring age composition in each of the kingfish QMAs. The ongoing recreational tagging data series has limited stock separation utility unless recreational effort data is also collected. current 30 July 2014
The 2013 stock assessment of Mid-East Coast (MEC) orange roughy was performed using NIWA’s Bayesian stock assessment package CASAL. An age-structured model was fitted to fishery and fishery-independent abundance indices and composition data. Current stock status was estimated at 21% Bo with a 95% CI of 12–33% Bo. It was concluded that the stock is very unlikely to be below the hard limit, as likely as not to be below the soft limit, and unlikely to be at or above the target (30% Bo). current 30 July 2014
Assessments of SCI 1 and SCI 2 scampi stocks have been updated, and assessments for both were accepted. For SCI 1, SSB remains stable at around 70% SSB0. Fishing intensity has consistently been below F 40% Bo. For SCI 2, SSB has increased recently, and is around 65% SSBo. Fishing intensity peaked in 2002 but has declined in recent years, while SSB/SSBo has increased. For both stocks, future catches between 100 and 140 tonnes (to 2018) are not predicted to reduce the SSB below 40% SSBo. current 30 July 2014
This report describes Part 1 (exploring the data) of the development of indices of relative abundance from observational aerial sightings of inshore pelagic finfish. current 30 July 2014
Annual indices of relative abundance for trevally and kahawai in the Bay of Plenty were estimated using aerial sightings data to the end of 2010–11. There were insufficient data collected in east Northland so indices were not developed there. current 30 July 2014
This report documents the length and age composition of the commercial catch of blue mackerel (Scomber australasicus) in EMA 1 during the 2006–07 fishing year. current 30 July 2014
In 2005 Te Korowai o Te Tai ō Marokura (the Kaikōura Marine Guardians) a group of iwi, community and interested parites was formed. Over seven years, the Guardians developed a strategy for looking after the Kaikōura marine environment. In 2014, the Kaikōura Marine Area was created as a separate area within the South-East Fishery Management Area. current 29 July 2014
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