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This code encourages all those responsible for the care of rodeo animals to adopt the highest standards of husbandry, care and handling, and to equal or exceed the minimum standards. current 31 October 2014
The Animal Welfare (Rodeos) Code of Welfare 2003 has been reviewed by the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC), pursuant to the Animal Welfare Act 1999 (the Act). This report accompanies the Code of Welfare: Rodeos (the code) recommended by NAWAC to the Minister, as required by section 74 of the Act. current 31 October 2014
A national livestock standstill means all movement of farm stock that is susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease must stop as quickly as possible. This is needed in early stages of a foot-and-mouth outbreak to reduce the spread of the disease and make it easier to manage. current 30 October 2014
Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a highly-contagious viral disease which affects cloven hoofed (with two toes) animals including sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, llamas, alpacas and deer. It typically starts as a fever, followed by the appearance of blisters, mainly in the mouth and on the feet. It is very infectious and can spread from one animal to another by breathing and by saliva, mucous, milk and faeces. FMD does not affect humans or other animals such as horses, dogs, cats and birds. current 28 October 2014
This Primary Growth Partnership newsletter informs stakeholders and interested parties about PGP activities while also profiling one of the current PGP programmes in each issue. current 24 October 2014
Freshwater pests, including Didymo, could squeeze the life out of our country’s most precious rivers and lakes. They can be spread by a single drop of water or plant fragment. You can help to protect your favourite waterways if you always CHECK, CLEAN, DRY any equipment that comes into contact with the water, between every waterway, every time. current 23 October 2014
Some of New Zealand’s fresh waterways have been contaminated with pests. Once established, they can spoil the recreational use of a waterway, as well as the way they look. With your help we can stop frest water pests from spreading. current 23 October 2014
The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has funded intertidal shellfish surveys in northern New Zealand since 1992. These surveys monitor the cockle and pipi populations to find out where these shellfish are and how many are there. current 22 October 2014
This Regulatory Impact Statement provides an analysis of whether current legislative and regulatory requirements on Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), a commercial entity, should be removed, and whether the historical copy of the core database, and future core data LIC collects, should be subject to oversight by the Access Panel. current 22 October 2014
This document summarises the Ministry's achievements over the 2013/14 year and describes our performance in striving to reach our outcomes. current 20 October 2014
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