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The report documents the extent of wind-blown damage to indigenous forest on the West Coast of the South Island as a result of Cyclone Ita in April 2014. Included in the report is an assessment of potentially salvageable timber volumes from conservation land under the West Coast Wind-blown Timber (Conservation Lands) Act 2014. current 25 November 2014
The length frequency/age-length key approach was used in spring/summer 2012–13 to estimate catch-at-age for snapper caught by bottom trawl in SNA 8. Although largely dominated by young snapper (93% of the landed catch by number < 11 years old), mean age (6.4 years) was the second highest seen for two decades suggesting some improvement to the status of the fishery, despite indications that growth rates have recently slowed. Spatio-temporal comparisons revealed adequate sample representativeness. current 25 November 2014
This report includes a description of all New Zealand lookdown dory fisheries catches from 1999–00 to 2011–12, for LDO 1 (West coast and East Coast North Island) and LDO 3 (Chatham Rise and Sub-Antarctic). current 24 November 2014
If you own, or intend to own, cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, or deer that were imported live or originated from imported embryos, there are reporting and record keeping obligations that you must meet under the Biosecurity (Imported Animals, Embryos, and Semen Information) Regulations 1999. current 21 November 2014
This edition has information on: The Emissions Trading Scheme survey,Workshops: consistency in plantation forestry management, Pre-1990 deforestation requirements for 2014/2015, The new Emissions Trading Register current 18 November 2014
Scion, Landcare Research and the University of Canterbury reviewed national and international best practice in steepland plantation forests to understand and minimise the damage from post-harvest landslide and debris flows. current 13 November 2014
The briefing was developed by the Ministry for Primary Industries and presented to Hon Nathan Guy (Minister for Primary Industries), Hon Jo Goodhew (Minister for Food Safety and Assoc. Minister for Primary Industries) upon the formation of the Government, following the 2014 election. The briefing provides incoming Ministers with information on MPI’s strategy, the operating environment for the primary industries, major policy and implementation issues, and Ministerial roles and responsibilities. current 12 November 2014
The primary objectives of NIAS are to detect newly established nests of invasive ant species at high risk sites around New Zealand, and identify changes in distribution of exotic ant species already established in New Zealand. This is achieved by annual surveys of identified high-risk sites most likely to be the pathways for exotic ants imported via international trade and shipping. This report provides information on the 2014 survey and a comparison of the current results with previous surveys. current 12 November 2014
This report documents the honey bee exotic disease surveillance programme conducted by AsureQuality Limited on behalf of the Ministry for Primary Industries. The programme consists of active field surveillance coupled with an industry education programme which ultimately supports passive surveillance. current 10 November 2014
The third bulletin in a series informing stakeholders of the progress of the MPI-led work programme addressing the inconsistent treatment of forestry activities under the Resource Management Act. This issue provides an update on: the stakeholder engagement programme; the plantation forestry Activity Status Cascades; cost benefit analysis; Erosion Susceptibility Classification; Fish Spawning and Migration times; Alignment with the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management. current 04 November 2014
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