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This fact sheet outlines changes in the Food Act 2014 and what this will mean for horticulture growers and processors. It is part of a series providing information on the new Food Act and what it will mean for businesses. current 26 August 2014
This report details two separate field studies which have quantified greenhouse gas emissions from managed peat soils including nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. current 26 August 2014
The project will help the people of the Waiapu catchment, and Ngati Porou in particular look for options that will build resilience by focusing on what land use options, particularly forestry suit the catchment and community and developing new forestry approaches. This will be delivered by the local community, scientists, policy makers, and technical specialists taking a participatory approach to problem solving. current 25 August 2014
This paper outlines options regarding the proposed introduction of common hagfish into the Quota Management System, following a consultation and final advice process that took place early 2014. current 22 August 2014
This final advice paper sets out options regarding the setting of Total Allowable Catches, Total Allowable Commercial Catches, customary allowances, recreational allowances, and other sources of fishing related mortality to support the introduction of common hagfish into the QMS. It also outlines an option for the potential deferral of QMS introduction until further consultation is undertaken. current 22 August 2014
This paper outlines options regarding the setting of a requirement for escape holes in hagfish pots under section 11 of the Fisheries Act 1996. current 22 August 2014
Final advice and recommendations reviewing sustainability measures and other management controls for the deepwater fisheries of hoki 1 (HOK 1), Challenger orange roughy (ORH 7A), Northwest Chatham Rise orange roughy (ORH 3B), and Mid-East Coast orange roughy (ORH 2A, ORH 2B, ORH 3A). current 20 August 2014
This MPI Regulatory Impact Statement provides an analysis of options to eliminate shark finning in New Zealand fisheries. current 20 August 2014
This final advice paper sets outs options to effectively ban shark finning in New Zealand. current 20 August 2014
This Primary Growth Partnership newsletter informs stakeholders and interested parties about PGP activities while also profiling one of the current PGP programmes in each issue. current 20 August 2014
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