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The aim of this study was to assess the potential use of δ13C in a future breeding program for selection of radiata pine genotypes with high water use efficiency (WUE) and better growth performance under drought-prone conditions through quantifying the genetic variation in needle δ13C (a surrogate index of WUE), height and diameter growth of 20 individual trees of 120 open pollinated radiata pine families, and determining the genetic correlations among these traits. current 18 September 2013
Dry conditions during the 2012-13 agricultural season were unusually widespread across New Zealand. MPI requested an assessment by NIWA of the 2012-13 drought and a comparison of the severity of the 2012-13 drought against previous droughts in New Zealand as far back as records allow. current 25 June 2013
This fact sheet describes the range of government assistance available to farmers and farm workers affected by drought. current 08 March 2013
This pamphlet outlines the key factors that contribute to improving the strength and sustainability of the recovery of farming businesses from droughts. Information is provided on the types of assistance available and where to go to get help. current 01 March 2013
Droughts are a feature of farming in New Zealand, particularly on the East Coast of the North Island, and in Marlborough, Canterbury and Central Otago. The purpose of this guidance document is to outline MPI's definition of drought events in New Zealand; the role of MPI in the recognition of droughts and the implementation of the government's assistance measures during drought events; and suggestions on how local communities might initiate and implement drought response and recovery activities. current 04 February 2013
New Zealand’s future climate will be different to the one we have experienced so far. Scientists expect wind and rainfall patterns to shift, bringing more rain to western regions, with the east becoming drier. A 2011 study highlighted the implications for primary producers, many of whom already have to deal with drought. current 19 December 2012
A multi-strand approach to irrigation management is being adopted at Drumpeel Station, including water use efficiency, crop rotation, crop prioritisation and energy efficiency. current 01 November 2010
An Auckland farmer is developing a strategy of autumn calving and maize silage that shifts production and take advantage of the changing regional climatic pattern. current 01 November 2010
One of a series of case studies called adapting to a changing climate. The report summarises the study entitled Learning from past adaptations to extreme climatic events: A case study of drought which looks at historical adaptation to two of the most serious droughts in the North Otago/South Canterbury region. Outlines the drought resistant strategies that dryland farmers have developed over many years in response to drought events. current 01 November 2010
This brochure describes the range of government assistance (MAF, Rural Support Trusts, Working for Families, Ministry of Social Development, Work and Income, Inland Revenue and Stress Counselling) available to farmers and farm workers affected by drought in Northland. current 01 February 2010
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