Meeting 17 August 2010

Four papers were considered by the panel at the second annual meeting held on 17 August 2010. One paper was presented as an adjustment to the agricultural inventory, the separation of the emission factor, EF3, into dung and urine emission factors for sheep and cattle. This was approved and has been incorporated into the National Inventory for the 2011 submission. Documentation of these changes can be found under the following links.

The three other briefings were presented to the panel for discussion only. These reports are expected to be presented to the panel again for assessment at the 2011 Panel meeting. The panel summary papers and technical reports can also be found below.

Separating of the emission factor, EF3, into dung and urine values for sheep and cattle

Review of the New Zealand poultry broiler population estimation

Review of the population models and ewe and beef cow live weights used in the inventory

Nitrous oxide emissions from crop residue and savannah burning

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