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Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries

The Situation and Outlook for Primary Industries is the new name for the Situation and Outlook for New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry (or SONZAF). Like its predecessor, it is published annually (with a six-monthly update) but now also includes a chapter on the seafood industry.   

Farm Monitoring

The Farm Monitoring programme provides a short-term view of the financial and production status of a range of farm types throughout New Zealand. It examines revenue and expenditure for the past season and outlines what farmers are budgeting for the year ahead.

The programme collects data from a range of farm types throughout New Zealand and is supplemented with farmer and industry expectations. One use of this data is to produce model budgets. Each model budget is representative of a farm type in a given region and is modelled on how a real farm would operate, as opposed to using an average of results from the monitored farms. Each model budget is then augmented with feedback gathered from regional industry meetings and other information sources to best represent the current situation and expectations in each region.

These publications contain:

  • models of major farm, orchard and vineyard types;
  • analysis of the relationship between financial results and the sustainability, productivity and adaptability of the different sectors; discussion about issues facing the sectors and how the sectors are collectively and individually dealing with these issues.

The Farm Monitoring Programme was put on hold for the 2013 year to investigate alternative data sources and to design a monitoring programme that better meets user information needs. As such, there are no published outputs for 2013. Read more about the redesign of the Farm Monitoring Programme.

Farm Monitoring Reports prior to 2013 

For CSV files associated with the Farm Monitoring reports contact

To view previous copies of the Farm Monitoring reports, go to the publications database.

National Exotic Forest Description

The NEFD report provides a detailed description of New Zealand’s planted production forests. Each year the NEFD area database is compiled from surveys of forest owners and consultants who own or manage planted production forests. The yield table database is compiled periodically and is based on data provided by forest owners and managers of larger forests.

The collection and publication of NEFD information is overseen by the NEFD Steering Committee - a forest industry committee with members nominated by the New Zealand Forest Owners' Association and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

The NEFD report provides net stocked forest area by age class and territorial authority for key species and forest activity data such as planting and harvesting. This resource information is published annually to assist with resource and policy planning. It provides data useful for government policy advice, to meet a range of international reporting obligations and to assist with infrastructure planning decisions. The information may also be a useful starting point for investigating wood processing opportunities in New Zealand.

An annual forest nursery survey captures tree stock sales for commercial forestry, with national data reported by species or species groupings. Provisional estimates of planted areas are generated from the data and also reported.

The data collection and data storage for the NEFD is being upgraded as part of an ongoing programme improving the MPI’s information/reporting. Read more details about the upgrade programme.

National Exotic Forest Description releases

To view previous copies of the NEFD go to the publications database.

Yield tables

Forest Nursery Survey

Forest Industry and Wood Availability Forecasts

This series of forecasts and reports provide information about the planted forests and the wood processing industry. They are intended to help planners, the forest industry, central government and the wider public assess wood processing opportunities, identify issues and enhance the infrastructure needed to support long-term forestry development in each region.

2008 to 2040 wood availability forecast reports

The 10 regional Forest Industry and Wood Availability Forecast reports provide information about the planted forests and the wood processing industry. They also include forecasts of wood availability from 2008 to 2040, and summarise the forest industries opportunities and constraints in each region.

In writing each report, MPI worked closely with the regional forest industry groups to ensure the forecasts were realistic and that the many opportunities and issues identified from these reports were understood by key stakeholders. The New Zealand wood availability forecasts 2010-2040 shows the range of harvest volumes potentially available from New Zealand’s planted forests out to 2040. To view copies of the Forest Industry and Wood Availability Forecast reports, go to the publications database.

2014 to 2050 wood availability forecasts

A new series of Wood Availability Forecasts is being prepared by Indufor Asia Pacific for MPI, covering the period from 2014 to 2050. New forecasts for the (now) nine regional wood supply regions will be published over the next eighteen months, along with new national forecasts. These forecasts will subsequently by included in revised versions of the Forest Industry and Wood Availability Forecast reports.

To view copies of the Forest Industry and Wood Availability Forecasts, click the link below:
Wood Availability Forecasts – Otago/Southland 2014

Additional Publications

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