National Exotic Forest Description

The 2013 NEFD report in PDF is available in the publication database: National Exotic Forest description (NEFD) as at 1 April 2013.


This release contains the final results from the National Exotic Forest Description (NEFD) 2013 survey. The 2013 survey covered all known forest owners and managers with at least 1000 hectares of planted production forest. Questionnaires were sent to 99 forest owners and managers. A response rate of 97 percent was achieved.

Key Points as at 1 April 2013

  • New Zealand’s net stocked planted production forests covered an estimated 1.73 million hectares as at 1 April 2013. This is an increase from 1.72 million hectares as at 1 April 2012. The estimated total standing volume of wood has increased from 488 million cubic metres on 1 April 2012 to 512 million cubic metres on 1 April 2013.
  • An estimated 45 154 hectares of replanting, and 11 500 hectares of new planting, occurred in the 2012 calendar year. It is provisionally estimated that 4 500 hectares of new forest was established during the 2013 calendar year.
  • Radiata pine makes up 90 percent of the planted production forest area. Newly planted areas of radiata pine were recorded in the eastern and central parts of the North Island.
  • The estimated area of harvesting has increased from 44 618 hectares in the year to April 2012 to 50 342 hectares in the year to April 2013 leading to an increase in the total volume of wood harvested. However, the average clear fell yield per hectare for radiata pine has decreased by 5 percent. Average age at harvest for radiata pine had decreased from 28.8 in 2012 to 27.7 in 2013.

Please note that the 2012 NEFD figures have been revised following updates made to previously published data. This means that figures in the 2012 report have now been superseded by those in the 2013 report. The revisions can be seen at a high level in Appendix 2. For updated detailed tables such as those in chapter 9, please email

NEFD 2013 final tables


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