Laboratory test methods for dairy products

Laboratories use approved methods of testing. Find out about the approval process and get access to a list of approved methods.

Approved dairy test methods

MPI must approve the methods that category 1 and 2 laboratories use for testing:

  • inhibitory substances
  • residues and contaminants in milk
  • farm dairy water supply
  • foreign matter.

Approved test methods [XLS, 304 KB] 

When approval is not required

MPI does not have to approve other test methods, provided that:

  • analysis is done in a dairy laboratory recognised by MPI in the appropriate category for the test
  • the test methodology is specified within the scope of the laboratory’s accreditation and has been validated for that type of dairy product
  • the method has not been specified through a notice under the Animal Products Act 1999.

Get a test method approved

To get MPI approval for a test method, complete this form:

Annex A – Test method approval [PDF, 183 KB]

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