Diversity and inclusion

The Ministry for Primary Industries would be a dull place to work if everyone was exactly the same. That’s why we need to have a workplace where people feel they belong, they are treated with respect, and their voices are heard. A workplace that reflects the millions of Kiwis we work for every day.

Diversity and Inclusion at MPI - Te Reo (2.47)

He wāhi maroke a MPI ki te mahi mēnā he ōrite katoa ngā tāngata.

Koinei te take me hōhonu te hono o ngā tāngata ki tō tātau wāhi mahi. Me whakaaro nui rātau, me te whakarongo anō ki a rātau.

He wāhi mahi e whakaata ana i te tini miriona o ngā tāngata o Aotearoa e mahi ai mātau i ia rā.

Kei te hurihuri te ao.

Me taumata tiketike te āhua o ngā mahi a MPI kia taea ai aua hurihuringa te whakatutuki.

Mā te uara i ō tātau rerekētanga ka kaha ake tātau.

Ka nui ake ngā tirohanga i tēnei.

Ka kōkiri tēnei i te auahatanga.

Mā tēnei e noho tonu mai ai ngā tino pūkenga.

Ka mutu mā tēnei ka mau tonu i a mātau tō mātau ake āhua i te mahi.

Kia rite tonu rānei ō mātau āhua.

He nui te kanorau i MPI.

I roto i ā mātau mahi.

I roto i te āhua o ā mātau mahi.

I roto i ngā wāhi e mahi ana mātau.

Mā te whakaurunga ka whai reo tēnā, me tēnā, me te āhei ki te whakamahi i ō rātau ake pūmanawa ahurei hei mahi i ngā tūmomo mahi rerekē ka hiahiatia kia puta ai te tōnuitanga, te toitūtanga me te āwhina ki te tiaki i a Aotearoa.

Engari ka taea tonu e mātau te whakapiki ake i a mātau anō.

Nā tēnei ka whakapau kaha mātau ki te whakanui ake i te kanorautanga me te whakaurunga i MPI.

Te whakarite he rite tō mātau āhua ki ngā tāngata e mahi ai mātau.

E whai ana mātau kia manaakitia, kia whakautetia ngā tāngata katoa e mahi ana i konei, e uaratia ana rātau mō rātau anō me te rongo i te wairua manaaki. E pai ana, e whai mana ana tā rātau noho.

Mā ēnei āhuatanga ka puta te ihu o te whakahaere.

Te āwhina i ā mātau kaimahi kia pai ake te mahi i ā rātau mahi.

Te rongo i ngā reo hou me ngā whakaaro hou.

E honohono ai mātau tētahi ki tētahi i roto o MPI.

Ina āwhina tātau i ā tātau ake tāngata kia puāwai.

Ka pai ake tā tātau whakaata i te āhua o Aotearoa ka tiakina e ā tātau mahi i ia rā.

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Diversity and Inclusion at MPI - English (1.43)

MPI would be a dull place to work if everyone was exactly the same.

That’s why we need to have a workplace where people feel they belong. Where they are treated with respect and where their voices are heard.

A workplace that reflects the millions of Kiwis that we work for every day.

The world is changing fast.

MPI needs to be a high performing organisation to respond to those changes.

Valuing our differences makes us stronger.

It gives us new perspectives.

It drives innovation.

It keeps the best talent.

And it allows us to feel as though we can be ourselves at work.

Or at least more like ourselves.

MPI already has a lot of diversity.

In the work we do.

In how we work.

In where we work.

And inclusiveness allows everyone a voice and the ability to use their unique strengths to do the wide variety of things we need to help deliver prosperity, sustainability and help protect New Zealand.

But we can always do better.

That’s why we are working to increase the diversity and inclusion at MPI.

Making sure our makeup is as diverse as the people we serve is one thing.

We are on our way to ensuring that all the people who work here are treated with fairness and respect, that they are valued for their unique selves and feel a sense of belonging. That they are safe and feel empowered.

These things let us succeed as an organisation.

Helping our existing staff do their jobs better.

Hearing new voices and ideas.

Making us feel connected to each other within MPI.

When we help our own people to prosper.

We can better reflect the New Zealand that we come to work every day to protect.

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He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

— What is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.

An inclusive and diverse workplace means a lot to MPI

He mea nui ki a MPI tētahi wāhi mahi manaaki, kanorau hoki

Here at MPI we encourage an inclusive and diverse workplace where difference is championed, and we’re an employer of choice because of it. We recruit, grow, and retain talented, engaged, and motivated MPI people who actively contribute towards an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.

We want MPI to be a place where people are treated fairly and with respect, where they feel that their uniqueness and contribution is valued, and that they belong. We want all people to have a voice, to feel safe being themselves and speaking up. When all of these things are happening, we have a workplace where people are empowered and can grow. This brings creative and innovative thinking, agility, reduces risk, and helps us to achieve our business outcomes more effectively.

We can genuinely serve, grow, and protect Aotearoa if we’re representative of and speaking for our diverse population. We need to be able to connect with both our colleagues and our stakeholders through a greater understanding. We need to be trusted as a genuinely representative voice that can deliver for all New Zealanders.

Reasons our people love working at MPI

Ngā take e pai ai ki ō tātou kaimahi te mahi i te Manatū Ahu Matua

So what does all this mean for you? Check out some of the great things we offer at MPI, like our strong and diverse employee network groups, a “flexible by default” approach to working, and a focus on developing our people and protecting their wellbeing. Find out why our staff love working for MPI – they might be reasons you’ll love working for us too.

The benefits of working at MPI

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