The export goal

The goal is to double primary industry exports in real terms from $32 billion in June 2012 to over $64 billion by 2025. Learn more about how we plan to achieve this.

Maximising export opportunities

In line with the Government's Business Growth Agenda objective of increasing exports as a percentage of gross domestic product from 30% to 40%, MPI has developed the export goal. To achieve this, New Zealand's primary industries must grow at a rate of 5.5% per annum through to 2025.

The additional growth required to reach the 2025 goal of doubling exports will be delivered through a number of investment programmes. These programmes specifically target movement of products up the value chain and implementing productivity gains within natural resource constraints. Examples of these programmes include the Primary Growth Partnership, skill development initiatives, and water storage improvement programmes.

The long-term growth prospects of New Zealand's primary industries will depend on how well we are able to fine tune our response to trends, such as rapidly increasing demand for higher value consumer products from Asia's growing economies, with improvements in the productivity and sustainability of our primary industries.

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