Measuring our performance

Find out how MPI sets its objectives and reports on its performance.

Assessing performance against outcomes

Our 4 long-term outcomes are supported by 7 medium-term focus areas and will be measured by a number of key indicators. Our Strategic Intentions publication sets out our objectives, while the Annual Report has information about our progress.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has also taken part in a review, using the performance improvement framework (PIF) managed through the State Services Commission. This government initiative is designed to help agencies identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Strategic Intentions

Strategic intentions (formally known as statements of intent) sets out MPI's medium-term strategy and demonstrates how MPI plans to deliver the shifts in performance required to be an exemplary organisation.

Download Strategic Intentions 2018-2023 [PDF, 4.4 MB]

Strategic Intentions 2015-2020 builds on the previous Statement of Intent 2014-2019. It also sets out how MPI will deliver on government priorities, as well as cross-agency and primary sector initiatives. Our strategy was updated in July 2017 since this document was written.

Download Strategic Intentions 2015-2020 [PDF, 4 MB]

Statements of Intent

The statement of intent sets out our key challenges and opportunities associated with our export goal and details how these factors will shape MPI's work programme.

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2013-2018 Statement of Intent
Statement of Intent
2014-2019 Statement of Intent
Statement of Intent

Annual Reports

Our annual report measures our performance on the objectives as set out in our statement of intent.

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2017/18 Annual Report
Annual report
2013/14 Annual Report
Annual report
2012/13 Annual Report
Annual report
2011/12 Annual Report
Annual report
2010/11 Annual Report
Annual report

Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) Review

MPI was assessed through the PIF process in late 2015. Based on the PIF review MPI has identified 4 focus areas:

  • Continue developing MPI's growth programme and improving the initiatives already underway
  • Lead within Government, with the primary industries and across communities
  • Increase our focus on customers.
  • Embed the internal conditions for outstanding performance

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2013 Performance Improvement Framework - Formal Review of Ministry for Primary Industries
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