Essential support services and inputs

Support services and inputs considered to be essential include the types of businesses listed below. Please note that this is an indicative, not exhaustive list – it lists the types of businesses that may be considered essential, but it doesn't include everything. It must be read in conjunction with the essential services list at: Essential businesses – Government

Support services and inputs that may be considered essential 

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) wants to help ensure the supply of critical goods and services to food and beverage, packaging, production, and processing businesses during the Level 4 Alert. However, businesses should only be operating if:

  • those goods and services are essential during the Level 4 Alert
  • are vital to the ongoing operation of the primary industry essential service (for example, if failing to provide the goods or services now would cause significant disruption in the weeks after the Level 4 Alert).

Support services and inputs that may be considered essential include:

  • livestock and primary produce transporters
  • veterinary service providers
  • feed or fodder transporters
  • feed, supplement, and agri-chemical manufacturers, processers, suppliers, and stores
  • manufacturers and distributors of animal medicines
  • pet shops and services (for delivery only, or to care for animals kept in store)
  • marine farming hatcheries, and suppliers of gear used in marine farms and fishing (such as ropes, nets, float manufacture, installation, and maintenance to maintain marine farm crop lines)
  • animal control
  • workers caring for animals in containment
  • rural contractors who are providing essential services that cannot be deferred over the next 4 weeks, especially for animal welfare purposes (such as artificial insemination technicians, stock agents managing and directing stock movements, winter re-grassing for feed, fertiliser supply and application, shearing where necessary for animal welfare)
  • fertiliser manufacture and distribution.

Businesses who supply such critical goods or services needed to register on the MPI website. These registrations are now closed. Businesses that have registered should keep operating and are expected to already have health procedures in place.

Employers must protect the safety of their staff and the public. If that cannot be achieved then operations should close for the duration of the Level 4 Alert.

Operators who provide occasional goods and services to the sector (such as a mechanic) do not have to register with MPI and should only be used by essential services where absolutely critical.

Wool and forestry operators and businesses are not considered essential services during a Level 4 Alert unless they are providing critical goods or services into other essential services (such as packaging or power generation).

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