Forestry during Alert Level 3

Under Alert Level 3, all primary sector business can operate so long as they can meet COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

Forestry and wood processing can operate within the Alert Level boundaries, but they will have to apply for an exemption to travel across the Alert Level 3 and 2 boundaries unless they are involved in packaging for food and drink.

Forestry and wood processing freight can cross the border, but not employees going to work. The sector can apply for exemptions to travel. 

Business travel across Alert Level boundaries – MBIE 

Note: this doesn’t guarantee approval will be granted, so movements should be deferred where possible, and exemptions should only be sought when activity absolutely cannot be delayed.

Businesses operating in Alert Level 3 need site-specific procedures and processes to work safely to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Guidelines to assist industry to develop their own site specific safe operating procedures can be found on the Safetree site.


If your business cannot operate safely, it should not operate during Alert Level 3. 

Further help and advice for businesses

The COVID-19 website is a source of information for businesses relating to essential services and on financial support available.


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