Forest Products Export Standards - Phytosanitary Requirements of Bolivia


The information in this standard is provided on the following basis. The phytosanitary requirements found in this standard may be used as the basis of export certification. However, requirements may be changed by importing countries at any time at short notice or with no notice to New Zealand. This information is provided strictly on the basis that the Crown, the Ministry for Primary Industries, its statutory officers, employees, agents and all other persons responsible for or associated with the compilation, writing, editing, approval or publication of the information:

  1. disclaim any and all responsibility for any inaccuracy, error, omission, lateness, or any other kind of inadequacy, deficiency or flaw in, or in relation to, the information; and
  2. without limiting (1) above, fully exclude any and all liability of any kind on the part of all of them, to any person or entity that chooses to rely on this information

Compliance with this standard is not to be taken as a guarantee that any particular goods will be granted access to any overseas market.

Last Updated: 08 January 2013


Wood Products - Packaging

Import Permits or Declarations  
Certification Requirements

Wood packaging material and dunnage must be marked in accordance with ISPM 15.

Phytosanitary certificate NOT required.
Prohibited Importations  
Bark Wood packaging material and dunnage must be made of debarked wood in accordance with ISPM 15.
Pre-Shipment Inspections  
Approved Pre-Shipment Treatments  
Fumigation Wood packaging material and dunnage must be treated in accordance with ISPM15.
Antisapstain treatments  
Insecticide treatments  
Heat treatments Wood packaging material and dunnage must be treated in accordance with ISPM15.
Preservative treatments  
Concessional Release  
General Non-compliant wood packaging material or dunnage will be treated, destroyed, refused entry or re-exported. 
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