Onions, garlic, leeks & shallots – extra requirements

Onions, garlic, leeks, and shallots are all in the plant genus Allium spp. If you're exporting fresh Allium spp. to certain destination countries, you'll need to comply with extra phytosanitary (plant health) requirements. These are related to surveys of Allium spp. production sites for onion smut, Urocystis cepulae.

Follow the steps

1. Refer to the steps for exporting vegetables.

As well as the extra requirements on this page, you must also follow the process that applies to all fresh vegetables exported from New Zealand.

2. Contact an Independent Verification Agency (IVA).

You need to use an MPI-authorised Independent Verification Agency (IVA), which can advise you about meeting your compliance requirements such as documentation, tests, or treatments. Fees may apply.

3. Follow the extra requirements for your destination country (excluding Australia).

Allium spp. exported to certain destination countries must come from registered growers. An IVA can advise you about the phytosanitary requirements for onion smut (Urocystis cepulae), which will include production site surveys. Fees may apply.

MPI-registered production sites (growers) must be used, to enable your product to enter the destination country. Contact details are provided in Registers and lists.

4. Follow the extra requirements for Allium spp. exported to Australia.

Export ban in Raglan district
Due to the detection of onion smut (Urocystis cepulae) in the Raglan district, onions from this area may not be exported to Australia until further notice.

Hawke's Bay district exclusion zones
Onion production sites outside the 3 kilometre detection sites may continue to export to Australia for this season, based on production site freedom.

View the current map of the 3 km exclusion zone in the Hawke's Bay:

Maps of onion-growing areas

You can download geographical maps of onion-growing areas. Note that the status of these locations can change without notice. Contact your IVA for more information.

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