5. Apply for an export certificate for honey

How to apply for an export certificate (official assurance) for your honey or bee product export.

If the destination you're exporting honey or bee products to requires an export certificate (or official assurance), you need to apply for it through E-cert.

The information and declarations you, or the operators you work with, have entered about the production of your honey or bee products confirm that they comply with requirements.

There's an E-Cert help file you can access once you've logged in to E-cert – it's in the live website as well as the training website.

How to request approval

Once the export certificate application has been raised in E-cert, email your nearest MPI signing office to arrange approval of the export certificate.


Phone number






09 909 2701


Bay of PlentyWaikato

07 5712815



04 894 0926



03 943 1777


Getting the export certificate

When MPI is satisfied that your honey or bee products comply with all requirements and standards, we issue the official assurance (export certificate) through E-cert.

The official assurance can be provided for your consignment in various ways. Check the OMAR of your destination country and the Official Assurances Specification to work out what you need.

Who to contact

If you have questions about exporting honey and bee products, email exporterhelp@mpi.govt.nz

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