OMAR and ICPR export requirements

Check if there are specific export requirements you need to meet as well as meeting New Zealand standards.

Check requirements for specific markets

As well as meeting New Zealand standards and requirements, you may need to meet specific export requirements, depending on your product and the market you're exporting to.

Any requirements for the export of animal products to specific markets are outlined in Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMARs).

For plant products, MPI provides Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR) documents. These are published to help exporters find and meet importing country requirements for plants and plant products, and are based on legislation, regulation and clarification from the importing countries themselves.

Check importing country requirements

You may also have to meet importing requirements set by the destination market. These might be of a commercial nature or requirements set by importing countries’ government agencies, for example:

  • product packaging
  • labelling and composition
  • obtaining import permits
  • product registration.

Work with local importers or agents in the destination market to understand the regulations and standards that apply.

Market guidance

We have some guidance to help with meeting the importing country requirements for specific markets and products.

Help us keep export requirements current

Advise MPI if you receive information about new requirements or the way in which countries administer their requirements. This helps ensure that market-specific export requirements are valid and as up-to-date as possible. It may also provide a basis for negotiations to amend an existing requirement or establish a new one.

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