Live sheep & cattle export voyage reports

Voyage reports from 2008 for sheep and cattle exported from New Zealand by sea.

Voyage reports required

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) requires that a voyage report is completed for all shipments of livestock by sea that require an Animal Welfare Export Certificate (AWEC).

Reports should be submitted by the exporter to MPI within 20 working days of the vessel arriving at the destination.

MPI assesses past voyage reports when considering any future applications for an AWEC.

Voyage report guidance and template

The MPI Guidance Material for the Transport of Cattle by Sea details the 20 working days timeframe and the format for voyage reports. Section 17 of the guide has more information about the reports. Appendix 7 includes a voyage report template exporters can use.

Voyage report summary – live sheep export

Only one large consignment (greater than 20 animals) of sheep by sea has been exported since 2008. It was a shipment of 45,112 sheep to Mexico, which departed Timaru on 11 June 2015 on the vessel Nada.

The voyage took 15 days and mortality rate in the sheep was 0.42% with 191 sheep deaths.

Voyage report summaries – live cattle exports

Summaries of consignments (greater than 20 animals) of cattle exported by sea between 2008 and 2015 show the mortality rates for each voyage. Since 2015, the summaries also include port of export, vessel name, and the voyage length. Where significant mortalities have occurred, a short explanation of the reason is given. These shipments have resulted in MPI requesting further information from the exporter and a re-evaluation of systems that caused the deaths.

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