Recognised Laboratory Programme export tests for live animals

Laboratory tests required to export live animals or germplasm (semen and embryos) must be done by a laboratory approved under the Recognised Laboratory Programme (RLP). Find an RLP laboratory and learn about the tests they can do.

RLP tests required to export

If you're exporting live animals or germplasm, any required laboratory tests (for example, to certify that your animals are free of certain diseases) must be done by a laboratory under the Recognised Laboratory Programme (RLP).

Your recognised agency or MPI-approved veterinarian will guide you on what tests your animals or germplasm need. You can also check test requirements in the destination country's Overseas Market Access Requirements (OMAR) for the type of animal or germplasm you're exporting.

Find the number for your RLP test

Each test has a unique identifying number. The tests and their numbers are listed in the Consolidated list of tests for animal products. Live animals and germplasm are covered on pages 28 to 31.

Once you know the type of test you need (from the OMAR), find the test number in the consolidated list. You'll need this number when you search the RLP register for a lab that can do your test.

Download the list of tests for animal products [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Find an RLP lab that can do your test

MPI records all RLP laboratories in a register.

On the RLP register's search page, enter the test number in the activities field. A list of labs will be displayed, including email and address details.

Supervision of testing

Your MPI-recognised agency (for live animal exports) or MPI-approved veterinarian (for poultry and germplasm exports) may need to supervise any testing of live animals and germplasm for export.

Getting a laboratory recognised under the RLP

Laboratory requirements are outlined in the Animal Products (Specifications for Laboratories) Notice 2017.

Who to contact

If you have questions about the Recognised Laboratory Programme, email

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