4. Apply for batch approval of wine exports

Step 4 to exporting wine from New Zealand is to get export eligibility approval for each batch of wine you want to export. Find out what to do.

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How to apply

Details are recorded in Wine E-Cert about the registration of lot or batches of wine for export, including:

  • confirmation of relevant market access information
  • request for sensory assessment and relevant market analysis.

This information helps the exporter keep track of which batches are eligible for which markets, where it has been exported to and the balance of available eligible litres. 

1. Complete an application

In Wine E-Cert, apply for export eligibility approval for each batch of your wine.

For each batch, you'll need to provide:

  • details of the wine
  • information about your intended destination markets
  • confirmation of your wine's compliance with the requirements of your destination market.

It is important that the information is identical to label otherwise you will need to make additional alternative wine names.

A guide called Creating a batch for export eligibility is in Wine E-Cert if you need more information.

You can track the application status of each batch through Wine E-Cert.

2. Submit samples

For each batch of wine, you must submit 2 samples to the Wine Export Certification Service (WECS). An independent panel makes a sensory evaluation of one sample to make sure it has no obvious faults. The second sample is held for reference and may be used in a random sampling programme.

Samples must be representative of a homogenous batch of wine that is either packaged for retail sale or ready to be exported as a bulk product with no further winemaking adjustments.

To submit to the evaluation, create a sample on Wine E-Cert and send 2 physical samples to:

New Zealand Winegrowers
Level 3 Hamburg Sud House
52 Symonds St
Auckland 1010.

The samples must be labelled with:

  • a wine sample (WS) number from Wine E-Cert
  • the wine company's name
  • the vintage, variety, and lot/batch code of the wine being tested.

If you need chemical analysis of your wine

Some overseas markets require an official assurance certificate showing the chemical analysis of the wine. For these countries, a third sample must be sent to an MPI-recognised laboratory.

Create a sample on Wine E-Cert and request chemistry testing. Choose a recognised laboratory for testing export wine and send a physical sample with the following details on the label:

  • a wine test (WT) number from Wine E-Cert
  • the wine company's name
  • the vintage, variety, and lot/batch code of the wine being tested.

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