Fees & charges

You'll be charged for services provided by MPI and other service providers when you're exporting fruit wine, cider, and mead.

What our fees cover

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) calculates fees on a cost-recovery basis. Activities and services we charge for include:

  • registering you as an exporter
  • providing free sale certificates or advice statements for your products.

Not all the fees on this page may apply to you and there could be other charges not listed here – like storage and transport costs.

Registering as an exporter

To export fruit wine, cider, and mead, you need to register as a wine exporter. In some cases you may need to pay additional hourly rates for assessment services.

ServiceFee (excl GST)Fee (incl GST)

Registering as a wine exporter 

$232.50, plus an hourly rate of $155 after the first hour and a half $267.38, plus an hourly rate of $178.25 after the first hour and a half 
Other administration services  $77.50, plus an hourly rate of $155 after the first 30 minutes  $89.13, plus an hourly rate of $178.25 after the first 30 minutes 

Free sale certificates and advice statements

There is no certification programme for fruit wine, cider, or mead products.

Some export markets may instead seek a free sale certificate (FSC) or a free sale advice statement (FSA) to confirm your fruit wine, cider, or mead product complies with New Zealand standards.

MPI will charge you $60.87 excluding GST ($70 including GST) if you want us to provide an FSC or an FSA.

Find out more

Who to contact

If you have any questions about costs, email wine.query@mpi.govt.nz.

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