3. Register as a meat exporter

One of the 5 steps to exporting meat from New Zealand is to register as an exporter. Find out how to register.

How to register

You can do this online.

Alternatively, you can complete one of these forms:

AP1 exporter registration form [PDF, 558 KB]
AP1 exporter registration form [DOCX, 353 KB]

Notes about registering

  • You'll need to pay a registration fee each year.
  • Registration applications are assessed according to requirements set out in section 54 of the Animal Products Act 1999.
  • If you don't register with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), you can use the services of an exporter who is already registered.

Section 54 of the Animal Products Act 1999 – NZ Legislation website

Register of animal product exporters


If you have questions about registering as an exporter, email approvals@mpi.govt.nz

Our list of registered exporters

When your application has been processed and approved by MPI, you will be added to our list of registered exporters. This list is available to the public.

If you're exporting organic meat

If you want to export organic meat under the Official Organic Assurance Programme (OOAP), you must be registered as both an organics exporter and an animal products exporter. You need to register as an animal products exporter first.

You can register as an organics exporter online or complete the form.

Online exporter registration application using RealMe
Organic exporter registration – OP1 application form [DOCX, 355 KB]

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