Storing non-animal products for export

Non-animal products for human or animal consumption include plant products, wine and organic products. If you store export non-animal food products for human consumption, the requirements you need to meet depend on the type of product being stored.

Requirements for products other than organic or wine

For products other than organic or wine, you can choose to operate under either:

You'll also need to meet any requirements set by the destination country where the product is being sold. These requirements are laid out in the Official Market Access Requirements (OMAR) for each commodity and country. Alternatively ask your exporting agent.

Requirements for organic products and wine

Storing organic products

If you store organic products for export, refer to:

Storing wine products

If you store wine products, including grape wine, fruit wine, cider and mead, different requirements apply. Refer to:

Who to contact

If you need to contact MPI about storing export products, email

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