Fees and charges for food and beverage manufacturing

To cover our costs, we charge for some services to the food and beverage (drink) manufacturing industry, such as Wine Standards Management Plan (WSMP) and Risk Management Programmes (RMP) registration, and Animal Product Act (APA) levies.

Fees and charges for risk-based programmes

If you operate under a Food Control Plan (FCP) or a Food Safety Programme (FSP), then you need to pay fees to register it and have it audited.

You also pay for registration and verification services if you operate under other risk-based programmes, such as Risk Management Programmes (RMPs) and Wine Standards Management Plans (WSMPs).

Other fees and charges

If you work in a particular food sector, you may need to pay for services specific to your food product. Find out more:

Animal products levies

MPI runs a number of industry-wide programmes that relate to the manufacture, processing, and export of animal products and material. Under the Animal Products Act (APA) 1999, operators are charged levies to cover this important work.

Find out more about these levies:

Finding fees and charges

Fees and charges, inclusive of GST, are listed on application forms and other relevant documents. In some cases, as well as a flat charge, you may need to pay an additional time-based charge for assessment or verification.

General information

Find out general information about the regulations governing fees and charges.

Updated fees and charges

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