Food and beverage industry organisations

The organisations listed here represent manufacturers and providers in a number of NZ food industries. Some may be able to help you with meeting food safety requirements.

Arable Food Industry Council (AFIC)

AFIC represents the arable food industry. Arable food is the product of processing grains and seeds. It includes wheat and all products made from it, as well as other cereal crops and all products made from them. It also includes animal feed for the pork, poultry, and dairy industries, and seeds that create pastures for dairy and meat industries.

Baking Industry Association of New Zealand (BIANZ)

BIANZ supports and promotes the New Zealand baking industry and its products.

Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ)

HortNZ represents New Zealand’s commercial fruit and vegetable growers on issues relevant to this industry.

Infant Nutrition Council

The Infant Nutrition Council represents the infant formula industry in Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand Aged Care Association (NZACA)

NZACA is a not-for-profit national membership organisation representing all parts of the aged-care residential sector.

New Zealand Beverage Council (NZBC)

NZBC represents manufacturers and suppliers of New Zealand's juice, carbonated drinks, and bottled water.

New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (FGC)

FGC represents New Zealand manufacturers and suppliers of food, beverage, and grocery products.

New Zealand Institute of Chemistry: Oils and Fats Specialist Group 

This special-interest group keeps its members in touch with both industrial and academic developments in the oils and fats field in New Zealand. It does this through technical seminars, conferences, and newsletters.

New Zealand Pork Industry Board (NZ Pork)

NZ Pork provides information for retailers about pork and pork products.

Retail Meat New Zealand (RMNZ)

RMNZ represents and promotes the interests and views of businesses in the retail meat industry. This includes independent butchers, supermarket meat departments, small-goods manufacturers, and wholesalers.

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