Food Act workshop videos

MPI runs regional Food Act workshops to help businesses understand what they need to do under the new law. Watch 5 short videos from the presentations.

Food Act advice

All the videos from the presentations are on YouTube and feature MPI food and beverage manager Sally Johnston.

It's about managing risk

The new law treats higher risk activities differently from lower risk ones and focuses more on the actions of those making food.

Video: What's changed under the new law? (1:49)

The risk based levels

The new law introduces food control plans for higher risk businesses and national programmes for lower risk ones.

Video: What are the different risk based levels? (3:18)

Where do you fit?

You can find out whether you need a food control plan or national programme using the My food rules tool on this website.

Video: Where does your business fit in the new rules? (2:24)

Tool: My food rules


Video: How do you register? (1:11)

Find out more about registering


Video: What is verification? (2:34)

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