Introduction to labelling and composition requirements

A quick guide to labelling and composition requirements for food sold in New Zealand.

Meeting requirements

Labelling food

If you sell food in New Zealand, you need to meet labelling and composition requirements under the Food Act 2014 and the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

There are some foods that don't require labels, but you need to provide certain information on request.

User guides offer practical help

You can find help in user guides prepared by MPI and Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). They explain, in detail, how to apply the labelling and composition requirements.

A guide to food labelling [PDF, 343 KB]

Supplemented food

Requirements for supplemented food are described under the NZ Food (Supplemented Food) Standard 2016. Dietary supplements have different regulations.

Requirements specific to your food sector 

A Guide to Labelling Food Containing Hemp Seeds  [PDF, 652 KB]
A Guide to Hemp Seeds as Food  [PDF, 490 KB]
A Guide to Alcoholic Drinks – what’s in them and how to label them  [PDF, 678 KB]
A Guide to New Zealand Honey Labelling  

You may also need to check the pages for your food sector for other labelling requirements.

Related information

Requirements specific to labelling and composition are contained in this section. Make sure you also refer to your food sector as well as other general sections to find all the food safety requirements you need to comply with.

Keeping up to date

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