Foods exempt from labelling

Some foods don't need a full label or any label at all.

Under the requirements of Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code), some foods are exempt from some or all labelling requirements. You can find the Code on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) website.

Providing information when there is no label

If you do not have to label the food you sell, you must do one of the following:

  • display specific health and safety information nearby
  • make the information available on request.

Which foods are exempt

Foods that don't require any label at all include:

  • unpackaged food
  • food made and packaged where it is sold, or food packaged in front of you
  • ready-to-eat food delivered to order, such as pizza
  • whole or cut fresh fruit and vegetables in transparent packages
  • food sold at a fundraising event
  • food in an inner package not designed for sale without the outer package.

FSANZ has more information on exempt foods in its Overview of food labelling user guide:

Foods that do not require full labelling include:

  • small food packets such as chewing gum
  • foods for catering
  • alcoholic beverages.
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