Other requirements for egg processing and production

Responsibilities of food businesses producing or processing eggs around animal welfare, label claims, exporting, importing, and organic egg production.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is the responsibility of MPI.

Read our information on animal welfare, including a code of welfare for layer hens:

"Barn laid" or "free range" eggs

Claims about a product being "barn laid" or "free range" are subject to the Fair Trading Act. Under this Act, it is an offence to mislead consumers.


Find out about exporting eggs or egg products:


Only a small number of egg products and some hatching eggs can be imported into New Zealand, because of biosecurity requirements.

Find out about importing eggs or egg products:

Organic egg production

Standards New Zealand has a standard for Organic Production (8410:2003) in New Zealand.

Refer to the standard:

Find out about general requirements for organics:

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