Choose a food safety plan as a secondary poultry processor

Find out how to choose the right food safety plan – food control plan (FCP) or risk management programme (RMP) – as a secondary poultry processor.

Food control plan – secondary processing only

If you only do secondary processing, then you must comply with the Food Act. The main requirement is that you operate under a registered food control plan (FCP). An FCP is a written programme that is designed to manage food safety. It examines all of the steps involved in producing food, from buying ingredients through to final sale, and identifies all likely hazards. A hazard is anything with the potential to cause harm to the consumer. Your FCP describes how you will eliminate or control such hazards.

Your FCP needs to be registered by MPI and verified by a recognised FCP verifier.

Risk management programme – secondary and primary processing 

If you're a secondary processor who also does primary processing (slaughter and dressing), you can choose to operate your secondary processing activities under your risk management programme (RMP) or under an FCP.

Carrying out both primary and secondary processing under an RMP is usually simpler and cheaper than operating under 2 different programmes. Instead of adding an FCP to your RMP, you just extend the scope of your primary processing RMP to include your secondary processing activities.

However, in some cases operating your secondary processing activities under an FCP may be more suitable – for example, if you're already operating under this option and you're not going to export your products.

If you're a secondary processor exporting with an official assurance, you must have a registered RMP. You cannot operate under an FCP. If you have an RMP, you must register it with MPI and arrange regular verification visits by MPI's food safety verification agency.

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Code of practice

Whichever option you choose, you should base your procedures on the Poultry processing code of practice. 

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