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Practice note 12: Unscheduled and unannounced verifications
Practice Note 8: Determining verification topic results and verification outcomes
Practice Note 11: Cost Recovery Guidance for Territorial Authorities
Practice Note 10: Voluntary and Mandatory Suspension of Operations
Practice Note 9: Condition setting for Registration Authorities based in Territorial Authorities
Practice Note 7: Verification time frames and evidence gathering
Practice Note 6: Territorial Authorities and Shared Services under the Food Act 2014
Practice Note 5: Informing Third Party Verifiers of Newly Registered Food Businesses
Practice Note 4: Territorial authorities contracting functions under the Food Act 2014
Practice Note 3: Managing investigation of online food sales for Territorial Authority Food Safety Officers
Practice Note 2: Food safety officers powers: What has changed?
Practice Note 1: Managing re-registration and transition of food businesses